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Welcome to Motobiz Online, hope you will enjoy using our new system which is filled with great advanced features, performance and stability. Thank you for choosing our product and we look forward to serving our best.

NOTICE TO ALL REPAIRERS By Management of Pacific & Orient Insurance Co Bhd.
Notice To All our Motorcycles Repairers -12/6/2015

As part of our initiative to enhance our claims services, we are calling for your co-operation to submit and comply with the following:
1)  All claims to be transacted using the Motobiz online claims estimating system.
     • With this system, claims activity is transacted live eliminating unnecessary delay in transmission.
     • Repairers are able to refer to part number and the price catalogue as a guide to speed up repair estimate preparation.
2)  Submission of Repair Estimate within 3 days from claims notification or vehicle check in date.
3)  Electronic Tax Invoice To Be Generated through Motobiz System
The requirement of RMCD for an Electronic Tax Invoice could be also be satisfied through generating the Tax Invoice through this system following the implementation of GST.
From the Claims Management.

NOTICE TO ALL REPAIRERS By Management of Pacific & Orient Insurance Co Bhd.
As regulated by the GST Act 2015, all bills issued to us by a GST Registered Person must comply strictly to the rules stated therein. 
In addition to the usual information that is in your final bill, compulsory information that must be contained in the Tax Invoice are:
  • Your Tax Invoice (Bill) must show your Company Name, address and Your Company GST Registration Number.
  • Our Name Must be fully and correctly spell as “Pacific & Orient Insurance Co Bhd”
  • Your Bill must be printed with title “Tax Invoice”
  • Must have the  Invoice Serial Number
  • Date of Invoice
  • GST Rate of 6% must be stated
  • Breakdown showing the Nett Repair Amount (after excess clause), Add in 6% GST and amount of GST clearly stated and total amount including GST.
Take Note that any bill submitted to us that does not conform to the regulation stated therein will be returned to you for re-issuance. 
Payment will not be released until you let us have the Tax Invoice as per the format required by Royal Malaysian Custom department (RMCD).
You are also require to prepare your invoice electronically using the Motobiz System so as to meet the requirement of maintaining electronic invoice for audit purpose. 
Our Vendor’s system is programmed to meet the requirement set by RMCD and are auto calculated to eliminate errors and omission.

Urgent Last Reminder for GST Registration.
Dear Valued Customers,
If you have yet to submit and register your business for GST, please do so immediately.  The GST Registration Form can be downloaded from Your company's Mailbox, which is located on the right side of the Claims Home screen.  Please Click on the subject "GST Registration" from Motobiznes Online Sdn. Bhd. Under "Mail Attachments" at the bottom of the screen, you will be able to locate the Application Form.  Fill Up the form and email or fax to us at or 03 8943 8066 Alternatively, please contact our customers service on (03) 8943 8088 for the GST Application Form.

Message from Pacific & Orient Insurance Co
Reminders to ALL Repairers
With the implementation of GST  fast approaching, we would like to remind those who have yet to respond to us as to their GST registration status to revert to us with the relevant information without further delay.
Any delay in providing us with the requested information may disrupt our prompt settlement of your service bill.  We urged those who have yet to submit their GST registration details to revert to us with the completed GST registration form immediately.

Message from Pacific & Orient Insurance Co

New Credit Limit & Charges on Motobiz Online to Take Effect on 1st Feb 2015
Dear Valued Customers,
We at Motobiznes Online have refrained from increasing our prices for 10 years and even throughout many changes in this difficult economy period.  We are proud to announce we will not be increasing our pricing however, due to the large amount of account abuse, we will now require all members to maintain a minimum account balance of RM20 before you are allowed to create any cases.  Please also take note that minimum top ups are RM100.  Any topup under RM100 will inccur a service charge of RM3.  This change to credit limit and charges  will take effect on 1st of February 2015.  Your cooperation with this matter is much appreciated.
Motobiz Online Support Team

eTender Now Ready for Usage
Dear Valued Members,
eTender is now available for usage in Motobiz Online.  You can now purchase/bid/tender for wrecks from Insurance companies.    New tenders invitations will be sent to you via Motobiz Mail as a reminder, so please remember to check your inbox! For a limited time only, the winning bidder will only be charged RM30 for using the module.  eTender Membership fee of RM50 per annum will also be waived for all loyal members till January 2016.  Please contact our support team if you do not have access to eTender or if you are unsure how to use the eTender Module.
Motobiz Support Team

Message From Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Berhad

Kindly be informed that our Penang Office will be relocating to the following address with effect from 28th April 2014:

Address:      No. 66, Jalan Zainal Abidin,

                   10400, Pulau Pinang.

Telephone: +604-2278355 (Hunting Lines)

Fax:          : +604-2278190


Claim Dept., P&O

Message From Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Berhad
P&O would like to remind all End Users to enter P&O's Policy Number correctly when a claim is first notified in the system. Our Policy Number has 18/19 digits inclusive of 4 hyphens. If our Policy Number is wrong quoted, the claim cannot be processed until the Policy Number has been duly corrected. Kindly take note.

From Claim Dept., P&O

Motobiz Online Upgrade for All Browsers and Mobile Devices
Dear Valued Users,
A new version of Motobiz was released for public use on the 5th of February 2013 onwards to continue to provide our users the best user experience possible. Motobiz Online is proud to announce compatibility for internet browsers have been extended to all browsers.  You may start experiencing Motobiz Online with your own choice of browsers or mobile devices.  If you do run in to compatibility issues, please let us know your problem via Feedback & Request .  If you are experiencing misalignment of certain fields, you may opt to use "Switch to Horizontal Buttons" which is available by clicking "Help".  However if you wish to have the Motobiz Side Bar, then you should adjust  with your browsers Zoom function will help align all buttons and fields properly.
Motobiz Support Team


Dear Valued Customers,


It is our pleasure to inform you that Motobiznes Online Sdn. Bhd. have upgraded our customer support lines.  Our customer service hotline is now (03) 8943 8088  with effect from January 26,  2011. Our fax number is now (03) 8943 8066. Kindly update your contact information and we look forward to serving you as usual with this new telephone & fax number. 


Taking this opportunity, we would like to convey our best wishes & sincere thanks to the support that you have so generously bestowed upon our company over the years.  We remain sincerely yours in providing you with reliable services in pursuit of building a mutually prosperous business relation.



Motobiznes Online Sdn. Bhd.

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